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Application for Exhibit Space

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Texas Library Association Annual Conference
April 22-24, 2021
Review Rules and Regulations

Contact Cindy Boyle for questions.

Full payment is required at this time. At completion of this application, be prepared to pay online by electronic check, credit card or PayPal. Questions? Contact Cindy Boyle.

NOTE: Please refrain from entering data using all caps. We prefer the normal mix of upper and lower case letters.

  Virtual Exhibit Promotion

Promotion Type Requested Exhibit Promo Package details here
 Exhibit Promo #1   $2,000
 Exhibit Promo #2   $4,000


A discount rate off the total booth cost selected above applies if you meet the following criteria: (check all the apply)
   Non-Profit   10%
   Government Agency   10%
   Library School   10%
   New Exhibitor   $500

 Exhibits Information

Contact (First Name)
(Last Name)
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Questions or Comments

 Web Profile & Conference Program Listing Information

Company Listing Name
Sorted as Example:  H. W. Wilson is sorted under Wilson.
Description of Products/Services (Limited to one small paragraph)
Listing of Company Representatives
As they will appear in the conference program
and in the exhibits directory.
(Limited to 15 Representatives)

 Target Library Market Selection

(check all that apply)
Academic Library (college/university)     Public Library     School (k-12/public/private)     Special Library    

 Product & Service Selections

Help us to serve you better. Please submit the products and services that best fit your company. This is for TLA internal purposes only. TLA offers a Buyers Guide to promote you to the public. You will submit to the Buyers Guide once you become an exhibitor via your secure login area.
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Don’t see categories that you want? Send your requests to Cindy Boyle.

 Application Agreement

We agree to abide by all the exhibit specifications, conditions and terms outlined in this application, the Exhibits Prospectus, the Rules and Regulations for Exhibits, and to all conditions under which the exhibit area is leased to the Texas Library Association. Said exhibit specifications and conditions, Exhibits Prospectus, and Rules and Regulations become part of this application.
Agree  Name of person submitting this application. 


TLA 2021 Annual Conference Exhibit Terms: A minimum deposit of 50 PERCENT of the total cost of exhibit space fee (less any discounts) must be submitted by December 31, 2020. Beginning January 1, 2021 full payment must accompany new applications. Final balance on all applications must be received in the TLA office by January 31, 2021. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in the cancellation of application and reassignment of exhibit space. There will be a $200 charge for cancellations made by January 31, 2021; no refunds can be made after January 31, 2021.

 Method of Payment

 Full payment   $