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Britannica Digital Learning
Booth # 1722

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Description of Products/Services:
Britannica Digital Learning (BDL) provides trustworthy, up-to-date, high-quality solutions for educators, students, and library patrons of all ages—from preschool to graduate school and beyond. BDL products, created by scholarly experts, skilled editors, educators, and curriculum specialists, are designed to ignite curiosity and collaboration while making the research process more productive. Britannica® School, Britannica Escolar Online, and Britannica Enciclopedia Moderna are available for Texas schools through TEXQuest starting on June 15, 2015, provided with support from the Texas Legislature. These resources support informational reading and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. BDL is a division of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. and is headquartered in Chicago.

Library Target Markets: Academic Library (college/university), Public Library, School (k-12/public/private)

Buyers Guide to Exhibits Products/Services:
        Computer Software
        Databases -- Electronic
        Online Search Services
     Books / Periodicals / Documents
        Library Schools

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