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2022 Exhibits Profile Listing

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TLA Annual Conference, April 25 - 28
Fort Worth Convention CenterFort Worth

Texas SmartBuy/Texas Comptroller
Booth # 2106 or
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Description of Products/Services:
The Texas SmartBuy Membership Program, the State of Texas Cooperative Purchasing Program empowers public libraries, colleges, universities, higher education entities, academy and charter schools, ISDs, and library districts access to the same best value, competitively bid and awarded state contracts as our state agencies. Find over 2.5 million items available for purchase including library items, such as fiction and nonfiction books, both paper and hard back varieties, digital audio and video books, and music or audio cd’s. We also have a wide array of furniture, paper goods, office and art supplies, digital signage, audiovisual equipment, bar codes and scanners, display cases, organization and storage items and many more!

Library Target Markets: Academic Library (college/university), Public Library, School (k-12/public/private), Special Library

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