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Position: Library PC Technician
Position Starts:7/19/2017 Listing Closes: 10/17/2017 Listing Submitted: 7/19/2017
Position Description: Are you interested in what is possible? Does learning and applying new skills in technology spur you to imagine new ways to bring the future to life? Do you thrive on the energy generated by a group of people who are focused on a common goal? If reading this made you excited, then please apply for this position because we want to meet you!

As a member of the library's technology team, you will help staff and patrons to view libraries and their services in a new light. From helping to maintain and update the library's 80 public PCs and 30 tablets, to working with the library's immense patron and record database, to customizing the library's web catalog so that it is intuitive to use and accessible by all, you will have the opportunity to enhance the very core of our library's services and patrons' experience. You will work with your colleagues to make the library a favored destination both online and in person by helping us to seamlessly integrate technology into our customers' every day experience. In this collaborative, supportive culture, you will have the chance to make the future of library services a reality for the citizens of Baytown. Seriously, the sky is the limit. We want a team member who has the heart to dream big and the skills to bring their ideas into reality.

Basically, we are looking for tech wizard who is equally thrilled by working with people and computers. We are considering candidates with or without an Associate's degree in computer science. If you are someone with a creative or unique professional background and a heart-felt belief that this job is the perfect fit, please let us know by submitting a cover letter and an application.
Institution: Sterling Municipal Library
Type of Library: Public
City: Baytown, Texas
Annual Salary: $40,000 - $45,000
Salary Comment: $17.72 - $22.15 Hourly
Telephone: Fax: 
Email Address:
Website Address:
Required Education: 1.High school diploma or equivalent GED.
2.Experience or training PC hardware/software, and troubleshooting.
3.Experience or training in Microsoft Office Applications
4.Valid State of Texas Driver's License with acceptable driving record, if applicable.

Required Experience: Preferred:
1.Associates or Bachelor's Degree in software development, computer science or closely related field.
2.CompTIA A+ Certification
3.Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
4.Familiarity with MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML
5.Familiarity with Cisco Networking and MDM

Contact: Lesley Kohles
Send Resume to: Create an account in Neogov to apply:

Special Instructions:
Interviews will not be conducted at the conference placement and career center. Please contact directly.
An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer